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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Best Dressed: Leandra, Leila, Kerry, Margaret, Lena, and Sui

Sartorially speaking, this week has been a great one on my Instagram. I found myself taking screenshot after screenshot, so I thought why not share my favorite looks of the week. If you ever find yourself struggling to get dressed int he morning, do take a hint or two from the Chicistanis below. 

Via @jaiperdumaveste. One of my favorite street-style looks from this past NYFW season and a true testament to the sartorial greatness button downs possess. I'm going away this week and definitely trying this. 

Via @leivankash. It's freezing in New York and finally appropriate to bring out the fur without feeling like a mega deuche. These fur coats on jewelry designer Leila Kashanipour and Harper's BAZAAR digital editor Kerry Pieri are some of the best I've seen in a while. No luck on finding either yet, but this ASOS one is a pretty solid option for a leopard one (plus its faux).

Via @margaret_zhang. If you don't know Margaret, you should really get familiar. Law student, photographer, stylist, blogger -- she is a force to be reckoned with. I love how she winterized this lacey Zimmerman summer dress. 

Via @manrepeller. Obviously Man Repeller made the cut twice this week. Just when I think I'm over her, she pulls things off like the above and I'm reminded that it's nearly impossible to not love her. Then I run to buy turtlenecks. Second look is from Maiyet and oh so damn good. What's not to love about bottoms that look like they're skirts when really they're just ridiculously cool pantaloons? Also, deep (and bare) v FTW.

Via @lenaperminova. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with an all black look. Add a duster coat and you'll look like one chic ass motha fucka. Love, love, love Lena's camel suede trench (I bet you can probably find a dope vintage one on eBay), but then again I love everything she wears.

Via @netaporter. I have been obsessed with this outfit before this editorial event existed. It's the perfect mix of highs and lows, except for 98% off this outfit is high, but you get what I mean. So easy to recreate with this sweater, skirt, your good ol' converse, and your mama's fur. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Chanel Dubai

Working at Hirshleifers I come across a lot of jaw-dropping things, but nothing has yet to come close to this Chanel beauty from the Dubai Cruise 2014/15 show. The tassels, the woven texture, the colors.. it's the stuff Chicistan is made of (and my dreams). I would never typically go for such a statement piece, especially at such a high price point, but I would totally go homeless for this guy. 

Lucky Joan. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Baby Blues

As I was doing some market research for the perfect denim jacket, I stumbled upon Coach's "leather jean jacket." I know, I can't believe it's Coach either, but from the looks of the rest of their site, they're really starting to get their shit together. Anyway, back to the plush baby blue leather baby below.

It's made of sheepskin leather and bonded to a foam backing, in case you too were wondering about it's amazingly structured fit. I typically would never wear something this color but there's something about the retro vibe of it that just tugs at my heart strings. You can purchase it here (also comes in black here) or it's more inexpensive, actually denim and shearling lined version below here.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gucci Goodness

I don't even know where to begin this post because there's just so much to love about Gucci's Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Pictures first I guess. 

Don't ask me why, but as soon as I caught glimpse of these embroidered and laced beauties, the first thing that came to mind was "I wonder if Frida Giannini also remixed Rihanna's 'Pour it Up' to lace it up, lace it up, that's how I ball out." Definitely one of my weirder first reactions, but there is something about the laces that reminds me of the stitching on a football... and that song. Anyway, the deep v is so on point with my sartorial choices as of late, except that it's preemptive in the way that I don't need my friends on nip patrol. Genius. I hate to chose a favorite, but that forest green leather -- hubba, hubba. I would definitely rob a bank for you (but if anyone out there wants to give me a gift, you know where to reach me).

My second favorite thing at Gucci were the fall colored suede pieces. I'm obsessed with pretty much anything with that low of a cut that still looks as sophisticated and chic as the above do. Especially with the braided leather belts and neckerchiefs, which brings me to the next photos.

Neckerchiefs! They're trending hard.

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