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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Best Purchase Possibly Ever

Remember when math was as easy as finding the common denominator? Good times, huh? I'm having a tough time writing anything, a transition sentence especially, so I'm hoping you get where I'm going with this. My Tabitha Simmons black and white oxfords. I had my eyes on them far before I pulled the plug. At an original $695, for flats that I would probably wear to death and then be pissed about how I ruined them, I just couldn't do it. Responsible me waited and waited and then one glorious day Moda Operandi listed them for $280. Although still hesitant, I knew I would regret passing up on them so I just did it. The rest is history. I have worn them way more than I ever thought I would and they still look pretty damn good. In hindsight, the $695 would have totally been worth it when you take account the cost per wear value but enough of my personal shopping experiences and back to the shoes.

Refinery 29 recently asked me to send over a few of my favorite basics for a list they were creating (full thing here), only one would make the cut. I ended up on RtA's black leather distressed pants, a white button down, and black and white oxfords.

When I first bought them, I didn't think of them as a basic. I mean, they are definitely not basic basic, but they've become a great contributor to my wardrobe. As I told Refinery 29, I still have to get myself to not wear them everyday in hopes of adding longevity to our time together. They have a rock-n-roll Saint Laurent vibe that is just as elegant that it is bad-ass. Unfortunately you can't find them anywhere right now, the closest is probably these Manolo Blahnik ones, but below are a few other options.

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Finally! Layering season! If you know me, you know I love me some good ol' layers. Today I'm wearing exactly four on my upper body. A white turtleneck under a silk black slip (similar here) under a vintage suede camel shirt jacket I stole from my mama (probably best to score one on eBay or Etsy honestly) under my trusty black leather jacket. Does a belt count as a layer? Because that would put me at five.

Some of my friends love to make fun of me for this, but really - the more layers the more interesting the outfit. Which always reminds me of this editorial. Not a very realistic way to layer, but you get the gist. Plus it's awesome.

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the oversized sweater, jeans, and go look but sometimes it just doesn't cut it. Sometimes I feel boring and sometimes that transcends beyond just my appearance. I feel less creative at work, and so, I like to dress things up a notch (while of course remembering that I am just going to a desk in a basement).

Friday, November 6, 2015

You Know Those Vogue Videos...

You know those Vogue videos that have been coming out seasonally? Yes? No? Maybe so? If the answer is no, fear not for they are down below (I swear that rhyme wasn't intentional). If the answer is yes, have you noticed a common denominator? Yup, Jorden Bickham. Executive fashion editor at, it goes without saying that girl has got style. Needless to say she's got quite the eye for clothing, but seemingly for interiors, music, and pretty much everything else.

Video after video, I love each one more and more. I think the one that just came out with Adriana Lima is my favorite.

Obsessed with this song. Then there's also the Paris one...

And then the New York one featuring Young Thug...

Awesome right?!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Unexpected Layers

Layering season is here! Weeeeeeee! My most favorite time of the year is this in between time when you can start layering your clothes, but it's not that cold that you need to be super bundled. It's also an interesting time to experiment with your summer favorites in transitioning beyond. My favorite thing to do lately is repurposing my extra-extra large button downs. I'm still very into tying them into a skirt, but lately I really love the idea of layering crop tops or more structured shirts on top. It just looks so fresh and fun and cool ya know what I mean? I haven't had time to shoot any outfits recently but these two Chicistanis below have been sitting pretty on my desktop for a while, soooo here ya go.

Seems easy enough, no? Another styling tip worth trying, and I'm sorry if this makes no sense, I promise I'll get visuals soon, but put on a fitted turtleneck or long sleeve and tie your button down across your chest like a strapless top... ya feels?

Also worth trying if you have a short sleeve poncho you've been wondering why you ever bought....

Ta-da! How cool does this girl look?