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Saturday, May 28, 2011


I think I have become addicted to DIY projects. I spent the whole day doing arts and crafts and it was amazing! Feels like I'm back at summer camp. Except that I hated arts and crafts back in the day but nevermind my childhood. Back to the good stuff. My latest inspiration came from Into the Gloss' Emily Weiss. I saw this picture of her jeans and immediately put it on my to do list.

Picture via easyfashion

I cut some old jeans into shorts and then used a hair elastic to mark where I wanted the bleach to rise up to. I dipped the ends in a bucket of bleach and checked them about every 15 minutes. Once they had faded to the color I wanted, I rinsed the jeans under water and then put them in the wash. I left them to air dry over night and I woke up to this:

I love them!! As a DIY rookie, I didn't take into consideration that the bleach would kill the shorts and probably make them rip so I wore them out and about the other day as is. When I finally took them off I realized there were a bunch of tears so I fixed them by adding patches. I am going to make a new and improved pair soon and add a huge patch going all around the inside, kind of like a second layer of denim, to prevent them from ripping in the first place. You could also use white dye instead of bleach but I like the natural fade the bleach gives the denim. This whole explanation might be a little confusing so when I make the second pair I'll be sure to post pictures and provide better detailed steps. Hope you like!

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