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Monday, June 6, 2011


No, this does not have to do with what some of you may or may not be thinking.. Perverts. The matters at hand are the whispy bangs framing the faces of the ladies below, and whether or not, I should hop back on the bang train?! You see, once upon a time I was the captain conductor of the bang train. For as long as I can remember I had bangs. I think I was probably in second grade when my mom was playing real life Barbie (did I just refer to myself as a Barbie?) and gave me the hair cut of my life. Really though. I had bangs for most of my life and then halfway through my high school career I bid them adieu. But now, I kind of really miss them. 

The ultimate bangspirator, Abbey Lee Kershaw

And some more bangspiration:

All pictures via, jak & jill,, fashiontoast, stfsn

So fellow Chicistanis, to bang or not to bang? That is the question.

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