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Monday, June 20, 2011


Zara has hopped on the social media bandwagon with their latest initiative "People!" which is meant for those interested in fashion. All you have to do is create a look including two pieces from Zara's current collection and take a picture, you can be the model or the photographer, whatever floats your boat! Then, submit it to their website and wait to see if you get chosen. Here are some of my favorite looks that have been selected so far.

 Polka dots and red leather. 

Pink pants to match her pink handelbars!.. I wonder if she realized that?

I love this one mainly because it reminds me of my favoritest larok parka that was stolen at spring fling this year. It sucked. Damn you whoever the klepto was.

 Crispy bright white and emerald green pants, I love!

Can you guess this blogger? Hehe

Love love love love these pants. Need need need neeeeeed these pants. Snake print, you are so sexy.

This color combo plus a hint o' leopard equals perfection.

So cute and looks so comfy. Obviously, I want this too.

And then, there was me. 

Awkward, awkward me.

A lil glimpse at my DIY studded shorts.

Blazer, blouse, and shoes all from Zara.

My sister just made me realize that since I added myself below the people that were already selected it seems as if I was on the site too. Embrassing. I never actually got to submit anything because being the extreme procrastinator that I am, I missed the deadline. I know, I'm an idiot but lesson has been learned. Anyway, just wanted to clarify and still share with you guys what would have been my submission otherwise!

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