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Friday, July 22, 2011


One of my favorite colors for this summer has been cobalt blue. The color is so bright and rich, it's electrifying. Whenever I want to add some color to an outfit, these are my go to sandals.

Shoes: Melissa

They're jelly and they're cool. Pefect for the sunny-in-the-morning-hurricanes-in-the-afternoon Miami weather. Oh, and they have this everlasting bubble gum smell. So not only will your feet be oozing with cool, they'll smell delicious too!

Yes, summer is ending soon (and I will have to temporarily part with my sandals) but that doesn't mean we have to say bye-bye to this amazingly intense color. Fortunately for Chicistanis everywhere, Rag and Bone's fall collection is here to save the day and add some of that eye-popping blue to our otherwise dark closets. Here's a look at their collection that should serve as some inspiration for fall wardrobes.
Dyinnngg for the Evenki shorts. How freaking cute are they?!
 Pictures via Rag and Bone.

Lesson of the day: Bright colors aren't only for summer.

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  1. Hey Juliana!
    Whats up! I know this is kinda a dumb question but where is Chicistan. I have a lot of clothes but the labels always say, Italy, China, Istanbul. Is Chicistan the spanish word for a country?

    P.S Great Post

    Your Friend