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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Ever since the debut of Valentino and Chloé's spring 2011 collections I have become very fond of all things chiffon. Hey! That rhymed! Anywaaaaay, Chloé's collection also included a lot of pleats and I just can't stop thinking about them pleats! I neeeeed a sheer, pleated, maxi skirt. I need it, I tell ya! Either black or white. I haven't really decided. Perhaps both? I've been on the hunt but nothing has been as special as to make me say WOWZA yet so the search continues. In the meantime, however, I leave you with these pwetty pwetty pictures.

And of course, I had to include my favoritest blogger of all time! Dun dun dunnn.. Leandra Medine!

Pictures via stylecaster, studded hearts, hanneli, carolines mode, manrepeller

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  1. man repeller is my favorite toooo!