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Friday, July 8, 2011


If the internet was my closet, and I had unlimited amounts of moneyz, I would be wearing this outfit sometime soon. I thought I should let you guys know that it took me foreeeevver to create this set. Photoshop almost caused me to throw my computer against the wall and call it a day but thankfully I didn't. Instead, I discovered Polyvore.. such a magical thing.

Fall is on my mind, can you tell? For some reason this non-stop rainy weather makes me think it's not summer.

Reasons why I love this outfit: My love for lace continues and although it isn't white, this cropped top is puurrfection. It's more fitted (or at least that's how I imagine it to be) which is why I paired it with these baggy and extra wide legged pants. I love the contrast in silhouettes. Of course, I had to have some leopard in there somewhere, so I added the belt. This belt is perfectly thin- it gives the outfit a little something something in a subtle way. And as if the leopard wasn't enough, the shoes are python! Two animals in one oufit?! Amasssing. Next, the shoes. These heels are great because they're more than just your average black peep toe but still appear to be pretty simple. Such decieving little shoes. Last but not least, the PS1 pochette. Who isn't in love with all the PS1's?! The whole ensemble looks very comfortable and laid back to me but the little details are what set it apart from your typical wide legs and shirt look. Understated elegance at it's best!

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