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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


... Dot! Not the dance. Not sure that was ever really in. The polka dot on the other hand.. well, you'll see.

Can you spot the other trendz? If you've been an attentive Made in Chicistan reader you should be able to. If not, you should probably become one. Juuust saying. Hehez.
Polka dotz and red, white, and blue annnd a funky do!

Polka dotz and cropped wide legz!

Sheer polka dotz!

Polka dotz and stripez!

As you can see, the polka is a friend of many (other Chicistan trends) and very versatile.

Pictures via Glamour, Carolines mode, Studded hearts, Pop culture afternoon.

And now for my polka pick o'the day!

Topshop for $70. It's very Alexa Chung meets the Little House on the Prairie, no? 
I'd wear this top with either dark denim or black cigarette skinnys, preferably ripped. Not really ripped though, just like one rip at the knee. Oh and they have to be right at the ankle or a little above, none of that scrunchy business at the bottom.

PS: Forgive my excessive use of exclamation points and z's.. I get a little too excited sometimesz.

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