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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Pictures via whowhatwear

Currently extremely obsessed with this Ralph Lauren suede fringe purse.
ralph lauren fringe
Isn't it beautiful? Every summer I make one big purchase which my parents have no control over (the perks of being a working woman muahaha) and I am strongly considering this to be it. I love bags that have a long handle and the slouchy nature of this one makes it even more drool worthy. 
If you're loving the fringe style of Ralph Lauren's purse but want something more economical, I suggest JJ Winters purse which comes in a bunch of colors. Even turquoise and royal purple!
jj winters
Similar enough, no? Can you guess which one's my favorite? Can ya? Can ya? Can ya?! Sorry guys this excessive rain is making me lose my mind. But yes, it is the burgundy one.


  1. ooooooh, i love those burgundy fringe bags. actually, i'm kind of obsessed with ANYTHING burgundy for fall!

    xx andie