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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


When I was browsing through Planet Blue's jewelry selection, Sophie Monet's wooden accesories immediately caught my eye. Her jewelry is very simple but the shapes and tid bits of turquoise, gold, and other stones make it so cool. My favorites are her necklaces.. who knew I loved geometric shapes so much!
The best part- the entire collection is reasonably priced, especially for everything being hand made. 
Shop Sophie Monet here.

I also found these wooden clutches while stumblin' away on stumble upon (it is so addictive), which are made by Nada Sawaya.
Picture via The Quiet Tiger

How cool are they?! I don't know if it's the shape or what but there is something very clean cut and refreshing about all of these wooden accesories that I am really loving.

After being inspired by all these wooden beauties, I asked myself, "got wood?" And luckily enough for me, I came across this little gem in my closet that I completely forgot existed.
If my memory serves me correctly, I bought it in Costa Rica years ago. Actually, it may have been a market in Australia but who knows really. Unfortunately it is really small (it doesn't even fit my phone!), but I am going to try get some use out of it before the summer ends.

Now I leave you with a very imporant question Chicistanis... Got wood?

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