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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Plain ol' lustrous metal, I need you both around my neck. 
Why is there no H&M in Miami yet? And why doesn't H&M do e-commerce? Wah.

Oh and on a side note, since e-commerce has been mentioned, Zara will be launching their own online shopping site September 7th! Finally.


  1. My heart skipped a beat when i read the part about Zara online!!! YAY!!! i think im actually going to go put that on my calender right now haha just in time for Fall. those necklaces are great by the way, you've got me covetting those too now!

  2. I was BEYOND when i heard about the zara e commerce site... I can't wait. I really like that silver collar, I've been looking for one!

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  3. i think that gold color is elegant and fashion!