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Friday, September 2, 2011


I LOVE this Helmut Lang coat.
Half fur, half leather, 100 percent perfection. I've always wanted a leather-sleeved jacket but it has just never worked out for me. You see, there was this ahhhmaaasing leather-sleeved blazer from BCBG that I bought last year but of course, t'was too big for me and no smaller size was available. Yet another one of my online shopping fails. Fun fact about the picture above: it was taken by The Street Peeper's very own Phil Oh who shot Intermix's street style inspired lookbook featuring all Helmut Lang.

Leather on ma mind so what's a girl to do but find other beautiful, leather accented pieces?

 Beautiful leather accented piece numero uno - a cranberry infused, navajo printed, leather trimmed skirt à la Matthew Williamson.
I'm aware that description might have only made sense to me, but regardless, how pweeettty is it?

Now, for beautiful leather accented piece numero dos, an Aiko leather-sleeved cashmere sweater.

Hip hip hooray for leather sleeves! I can't wait to get my hands on you. If you like grey, click here. For black on black, clicky clicky here.

And now I present to you today's steal o'the day!
Voila! BB Dakota Ellis Blazer with Leather collar only $115. Clicky clicky.


  1. Just ordered that blazer from Shopbop - DYING for it to come in. Fab post.

    xx andie