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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Look for Less: Rag and Bone Shoreditch Shearling Jacket

So, you know how parents always complain that we, compulsive shoppers, only like expensive things yadda yadda yadda? This is often followed by the (my) common rebuttal, "It's not my fault everything I like is so expensive." I don't think anyone deliberately chooses the most expensive thing in a store, you just go for what catches your eye. And unfortunately, almost everything that is drool worthy tends to show it's worthiness in it's numbers. But but butttt - there's a but. When your parents proceed to tell you, you can find similar things at better prices (I can't believe I'm about to say this...) they're right. I know it's hard to process, but I think this little "Look for Less" segment will make it a bit easier.
What better way to start than with Rag and Bone's widely coveted, Shoreditch Shearling jacket, right? Right.
It was love at first sight until I saw the price tag - my heart then broke into a million little pieces. The thought of passing up on the crackled leather, fluffy white shearling interior, and the infinite outfit possibilities was just too much to bare, so I did what any Chicistani would do, and sought out other options.

This is when Michael Kors came into the picture.
Although it's lacking a hood, I'd say Michael Kors' buckled motorcycle jacket is pretty close to the real deal. Besides, it's right under 300 dollars. Pretty shocking stuff, huh? If that wasn't good enough for some of you guys, just wait, there's more.

More?! I know. I'm awesome. But Zara is even awesomer.
 It seems like ever since they launched their online shopping site their stuff keeps getting better and better. Here's the proof:
Strikingly similiar to Rag and Bone's jacket, and less than a 100 bucks.. no complaints here.