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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Between this past week's chilly weather, and the new arrivals at Intermix, I can't stop dreaming of fur! As a result, I give you, my furry favorites:

I tweeted about a month ago that I was dyiiiiiing for this Vince fur. I still am. How fluffy and delicious do they look? All I wanna do is nuzzle my face in it. Click here for the vest, and here for the jacket.

What I love about Elizabeth and Jame's fur vest and poncho is how different they are compared to all the other fur you see by designers. Between the patterned, ribbed fur and the loosey goosey silhouettes, what's not to love?

I had to include this Cynthia Steffe military inspired jacket because it reminds me so much of my LaRok one that got stolen :( Your neck will never be cold again. But incase it is...

Jocelyn's infinity scarf will save the day! I love this swanky little thing. If you have yet to add one of fall's favorite colors to your closet, this scarf is a great way to get started.

And last but not least, my favoritest furry favorite.
Yves Salomon fur vest exclusively made for Intermix. Seriously unlike any other fur vest I've ever come across. It looks black but when you really look at it, and the fur catches the light, some bits of it look kinda navy. So freaking sick. It's also my favorite because I just bought it hehe.

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