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Friday, September 9, 2011

NYFW Day 1

Happy Fashion Week Chicistanis! Here are my favorites from yesterdays shows.

BCBG's SS collection was a pleasant surprise to my eyes. All the color, the geometric symmetry, tribal lines, sheer chiffon, and my oh my, those sexy cuts! I love cut-outs, and I love all of these dresses.

And speaking of sexy cut-outs, I give you, Cushine et ochs. So clean, so simple, so chic.

Jenni Kayne is currently tied with BCBG for my favorite show from yesterday. I love the pop of colors that were incorporated throughout the collection, that neon pink is so refreshing. I hate to jump over the knit and wide leg jeans (because I do love them very much), but oh my wowzers, that dress! Cap sleeves, and that slit in the front - it's so simple yet so freaking cute! Je voudrais! 

Richard Chai Love goes tropical and would ya look at that - pants underneath dresses and skirts! Did I call that trend out or what?! Nicholas K's collection also had a ton of "skants" as the Man Repeller would say, but I'm in a bit of hurry to post them here so check them out for yourselves on!

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