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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Picture via Miu Miu
Super duper special edition Miu Miu python bag. Super because this baby is hand painted to perfection, and duper because there are only four of it's kind. Why Miu Miu would torment us by only making four is beyond me, but I do know that these bags are currently in New York and will be in Las Vegas next, so make your moves people.

Next on the list of amazing python thingz are these Gucci pumps.
Picture via Saks
Oh, the colors. The colors! I can't decide which one I like best. They're just too pretty. It's definitely between the blueish green and the purpley red, the brownish ones are just too boring. I really like the purple reddish ones because they're colorful yet still kind of neutral. The blue ones are pretty freaking amazing though. Which ones would you choose?


  1. Animals are in! Such a shame no mens line (my size) has prints and styles like this.... : (

    See you on campus