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Friday, September 16, 2011

Rag and Bone DC Grand Opening

A few nights ago I attended Rag and Bone's grand opening party celebrating their new (and super cool) DC location. Although the store opened up in May, I had yet to go in until the party, and I was very impressed. The space is so sick! Very industrial-y, and surprise surprise, very New York. Anyway, there were drinks, food, music, clothes, and of course, people. So many people.
 I met the designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, and actually had the pleasure of talking to Marcus for a while about future DC projects. So exciting!!! They're both so fun and were unbelievably nice despite the fact I was not wearing Rag and Bone. Yes, they actually called me out on it. I know, shame on me, but eitherway I had a blast!
You see. Loads of people. And this was only the beginning.
Ze masterminds behind Rag and Bone.
David Neville and I!
Jessica and her Rag and Bone DIY project picture. Whatta cutie.
And now, what I wore - dress: BB Dakota, jacket: Helmut Lang, belt: je ne sais pas, shoes: Zara.
Comfort was key this day, and those flats a necessity for running around all of DC.
While I was there I spotted this outfit, which introduced me to a new love of my life - Isabel Marant's July jacket.
How amazing is that jacket? I want it so freaking bad. I love the rest of her outfit aswell. Her Rag and Bone skirt (I'm contemplating the navy) has been added to my never-ending wish list.
And of course you can't be in a store without checking out the merchandise, so that I did. Let me introduce you to another wonderful little item for my never-ending wish list.
The Newbery boot in all its splendor.
Me want.

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