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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trend Spotting: Layering Bottoms

Once upon a summery day, I was perusing to check out this year’s resort collections. I started with Acne, who proposed the idea of layering bottoms.

Pants underneath dresses...
Ripped jeans underneath floral dresses...
Sheer palazzo pants underneath ripped denimed skirts, say what?

Acne left me completely dumbfounded. Seriously, layering bottoms? It reminds me of something moms would dress their little girls in before they could even protest it. I didn't really know, still don't really know, what I think about the idea of layering bottoms, but something about it caught my attention. You know when you see a picture or some sort of inspiration and you think to save it, but then you don't, and months later you want the picture and regret not saving it? Well, that wasn't about to happen to me. I pressed control and clicked... picture saved. I had an inkling I might be onto something, and as I continued to look at resort collections, I proved myself right. Don't you just love telling yourself saying "I told you so"?

Maison Martin Margiela tries their hand at layering bottoms. Excuse me, monochromatic layering of ze bottoms.
And then, there's Gucci Resort 2012.
And Chanel, except for Chanel played a little trick on us. Those are actually boots giving us the allusion that they're pants but eitherway, looks like pants underneath a skirt to me!
Still not knowing where I was going with this premature trend, I found this editorial from Vogue Russia. And within weeks, it was confirmed.
If Leandra wears burgundy trousers underneath a leopard skirt, I am definitely onto something. I think it's safe to say a new fall trend has been born.

Pictures via, whowhatwear, manrepeller.


  1. Wow, you check out Vogue Russia as well... I get most of my best styles from the Russian edition. Leather and fur is a mans best friend.

    - RYO