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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paris Fashion Week Recap

My Paris Fashion week recap is finally here! Sorry for the wait, unfortunately school comes first. I've had a shit ton of work this past week, but at least that's finally over with. Better late than never, I say.
 Ann Demeulemeester's collection was sheer genius. Get it, get it? I love puns. I also love that her looks make no sense, logically speaking. And by no sense I mean, the models are draped in clothes head to toe yet still so exposed... sheer genius, I tell ya!
I love all the tailored, structured pieces seen throughout Carven's collection. Guillaume Henry did a great job choosing his color palette. If it wasn't for the mustard yellow and pops of the red, his playful collection would look rather serious. Serious isn't bad, but who are we kidding, playful is so much better.
I was eager to see what Balmain's collection would look like this season since Christophe Decarnin's departure, and boy was I happy! I mean, I'm sad about Christophe but Olivier Rousteing really stepped up to the plate and did an amazing job. Most importantly, he stayed true to Balmain's signature look - looking cool as shit in edgy, embellished pieces while being très cool about it. And as always, the blazers are my absolute favorite.
Moving onto one of my favorite collections yet, Valentino. Oh Valentino, you are every girl's dream come true. All the pieces are so beautifully laced, giving them a romantic and girly feel that I can't stop drooling over. I am beyond obsessed with every single look. If only I had these dresses, and the occasions to wear them to...
And the last collection amazing enough to make my PFW recap is Elie Saab's. He put on a colorful show filled with rich jewel tones and sexy silhouettes. The sexy and sleek contours are probably my favorite thing about Elie Saab. He knows how to make women feel great and does so in a very class way. His collections are also always very sophisticated and high in glamour (cue the sequins). Each dress is worthy of, and deserves, a moment on the red carpet. Just saying.

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  1. I absolutely love all your picks. I also wish I have this pieces and for sure the occasion to wear them...
    keep us inspired! you are great!!!!