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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This Weekend's Dream Outfits

Leave it to me to have two dream weekend outfits by Wednesday. It all began when I came across this picture of Caroline Sieber this morning on Le Fashion.
I haven't been able to stop thinking about Caroline's outfit. And since I am going to Miami this weekend, what could be a better outfit? The soft pinkish nude with the silver lining and light embellishments makes for an amazingly flirty top. And paired with denim cut-offs, it's just so dreamy. Magical, if you will. However, if I were to go into my virtual closet and choose some shoesies I'd be seriously debating in between these.

First, for something more casual during the day, I'd wear these Giuseppe Zanotti metal toe ballet flats
But if I'm feeling a lil fancy shmancy why not play up the sparkle with these Sergio Rossi sandals?
They're so sparkly and princessy! I normally wouldn't go for such a girly shoe, all those crystals could be a little much, but I feel like they would look really sick on. Like really really cool. Since they're so thin and delicate looking, ya know? Check them out for yourself here or here!

Here is another picture of Caroline's dreamy outfit for your viewing pleasure.
Which brings me to my second dream outfit of the weekend.
Picture via Elle
So fun and cute! My favorite part would have to be those red leopard loafers. I love! This would be the perfect outfit for a sunny and breezy Miami day. 
Can you tell I'm really excited to be going home this weekend?

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