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Saturday, December 3, 2011

DIY Studded Collar

A few posts back I brought up the idea of possibly studding the collar of one of my own shirts and so that is exactly what I did.
Voila! The final result. I bought the shirt from Intermix a few years ago and the studs you can buy from Studs and Spikes, they have a huge selection. After that, the work is fairly easy and shouldn't take more than about 30 minutes. I only studded the front tips because I didn't want the collar to be too heavy and the extra work seemed a little pointless since you can't even see the back. Yes, I am that lazy.
This is an outfit I wore with my newly studded shirt. Me love burgundy and navy together! Me also love my DIY studded collar! It gives the shirt a little extra something, agree? Agree.
My jeans are from J Brand, I love the navy waxed finish, and my shoes are Rag and Bone.
And since it is far too cold to venture out in that alone, I layered my Adrienne Landau fur vest over my black blazer. Ta-da! Warmth. The key is all in layering.


  1. i love the understated plaid of your shirt!!! the studs is a very clever idea! i'll have to try it out sometime!