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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Best of New York Fashion Week...End.

About forty something hours ago I tweeted, "I think it's safe to say burgundy is the official color of fall 2012" but now that I've done my recap of the weekend's shows I'd like to change that to burgundy is the color of fall 2012. And since not all of you follow me on twitter even though you should, this is as official as it gets. See the evidence below (in no particular order).
Since every single one of my favorite looks had some sort of burgundy, I begin with Rag and Bone. Leather trimmings, fur accented outerwear, and check out those button-up tuxedo pants on ze right, I love it all.
Then we have Mr. Wang who was all about the cranberry hue aswell. He also threw into the mix some great glossy leather pieces along with some really great, crisp suits.
Besides telling you over and over again how awesome burgundy is (because that's gonna happen), I'll give you a break and tell you something else you may or may not already know. You may have already heard someone say this or maybe you drew up the conclusion yourself, but for those of you that didn't, here I go again: Rebecca Taylor's show exhibited layering at it's best..est. Leather quilted jackets peaking from underneath an oversized mens styled pea coat and a varsity leather-paneled jacket, so guuh-oooood. This collection also proves that black and navy or black and brown can do no harm together. Oh and note the burgundy and subtle sheer appearances. Overall a really great grungy yet refined vibe going on at Rebecca Taylor.
Grunginess also played a role in Yigal Azrouël's show, cue: leather top and metal chokers. I really love each and every outfit in it's entirety. Those baby blue trousers paired with that leather top and oversized jacket is a great example of transitioning and wearing things you wouldn't normally wear in the winter, in the winter. Cough cough pastel trousers. Next, a chunky loose knit paired with printed trousers adorned by a metal choker and a monochrome suit also adorned by a metal choker and accompanied by a very furry friend. Oh yeah, and burgundy. My favorite part of this collection has to be the rough contrast between the fur trapper hat and that sexy litto black dress.
Speaking of furry things, fur-adorned sleeves seem to be a thing now a days. This will becoming increasingly more clear as the recaps continue. On another note though, Scott Sternberg is really doing his thang in the womens department. Everything I've been seeing lately I love. It's all so clean cut and just plain ol' wantable. I can't believe I'm describing Band of Outsiders' fall collection as wantable but it's late, I'm tired, my brain is slowly shutting down, and I just like to assume you guys get me, so yeah. If you take in anything from these last few sentences I hope it's that furry arms are definitely "having a moment" as the fashion folk like to say.
You see what I mean, jelly bean? More furry arms at Doo.Ri as well as very fine draping. How cool do the sweaters in picture two and four lay? I'm so glad we're on the same page, those leather trousers are really sick too.
More delicious leather at Jill Stuart with more printed trousers, sheer goodies and peplum, I see so much peplum around town lately. I luuuurve it.
Last but certainly not least in this weekend's recap, Prabal Gurung. I was so so so excited to see this collection and so so so pleased. Prabal left me craving for more after his pre-fall collection and his fall collection just made me even more excited for his next one. Satiny trousers, amazing prints, lace, feathers, and sheer dresses, Prabal does no wrong.

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