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Thursday, February 23, 2012

London Fashion Week

Although fashion month has already relocated to Milan, I must pay London its dues. I think the below list of show favorites is in chronological order but if not, I tried. I really, really did (and you don't know how hard that is with a cracked laptop screen).
I always love Matthew Williamson's collections. He's one of the few people you can count on to give you some pop of color to your otherwise very dark winter wardrobes. And although his collection is filled with bright turquoise, reds, and oranges, he adds greys, mustards, and cranberry hues to make them all come together in perfect harmony. That's the beauty of Matthew Williamson's collection, the colors mesh so perfectly making the jolts of color seem not so overwhelming.
Topshop Unique definitely wins most wearable award of the London Fashion Week season. Jk. Kind of. I just saw Joseph's collection and I'm pretty in love with that one too so I guess they're tied now. Back to Topshop Unique though, that first vest looks like something that should be in my closet, as does the olive leather trouers, and the croc sweater, and the pleated leather skirt, and... well, you get the picture. 
Erdem. Loved the floral prints, the lacey details, and particularly loved how the lace was layered over a floral print dress.
Definitely one of my favorite, actually probably my favorite collection from LFW, Christopher Kane. Leather has been a pretty big part of many collections this season, but Christopher Kane really did it for me with that lacquered leopard print top with leather collar and matching trousers. The various uses of leather cut-outs also helped win me over.
I've been dying to see what Peter Pilotto's next collection would look like since his last one which was so on point with the spring/summer trends. Fortunately for Chicistan, sheer, cut-outs, floral, and sequins live on. Sorry this recap was a little blah, I feel like I'm repeating myself and that shits annoying. To compensate, because no fashion week recap is complete without some street style, check back for another post shortly.

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