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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On Point

Hey there guys. Sorry I've been gone, midterms snuck up on me. Onto today's matters though, warm weather, spring, how I can't wait for March, and Zara really having their shit together. It's been a glorious, sunny 60 degrees in DC the past few days and March is only days away (which means I'm going to Paris soon!) all making me very excited for the upcoming month. Coincidentally enough, Zara has released their look book for March and not only is it the bomb dot com, it is ridiculously on point. Or shall I say, on trend. Hehe. Anyway, this too, makes me very, very excited. From sherberty pastels, to pops of colors, mixed in with black and whites, to florals and scarf-printed sheer goodies,  Zara has got all the bases covered.  Seriously, all bases. They've equipped shoppers with all the tools necessary to knock it out of the ball park-- sartorially speaking, of course. Baseball is forbidden in Chicistan. Fine, maybe just baseball caps and henleys, but less about Chicistani culture and more about the looks I love below, take a looksy.

The best part of it all? Trรจs wallet friendly. And in regards to the silhouettes, very minimalistic yet so fresh and so clean, clean, and I love that. And Outkast. Ok. Gotta keep on studying. Wish me luck. Bye byez!

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