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Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Baaaack.

So, tumblr didn't exactly work out as well as I thought it would but hey, at least I tried... and at least I'm back so I can tell you about how freaking amazing Paris was. The extra crispy Parisienne air, amazing food, people, shopping, and just the overall vibe of the city... what I would do to be there now. I miss it so much that I'm borderlining depression being back in DC. Just kidding, that's a little dramatic, but not really. Luckily though, I brought home a few pieces to remind me of my travels and keep me sane.. for now.
Starting with my new and super di duper cool (if I may say so myself) biker jacket from Sandro. Ahh, those leather sleeves get me everytime... they're so good, even on screen. I searched every corner of cyber space for it but obviously could only find every other leather-sleeved jacket but mine. Typical. Well anyway, here it is in white, or you can check out it's inverted twin, ooorrrr this other really cool leather-sleeved jacket. And just like that, I think I finally got my leather-sleeve fix. Another thing I've been trying to get my dose of is sports-inspired wear which COS provided to me in the shape of silk black track shorts, wrinkles not included. Pretty much identical to this pair from Alice and Olivia, these shorts are perfect for the spring slash summer. You can sport them during the day and also dress them up come night time, you're also right on trend without being too trendy, and that my Chicistanis is perfection. If you didn't catch the pun in the last sentence, well, I don't know, but that knitted white top with asymmetrical hemlines in muscle-tee form is my new favorite white shirt. It looks like it's Alexander Wang, Helmut, or it could even be Proenza, but it's actually from Zara. It also has an oval-like cut out in the back and you know how much I love that. Such a win. I can't say I've seen it in the US stores or online, but I do recommend going into Zara if you haven't been lately.. so many goodies right now. Well Chicistanis, I have class in an hour and am still chilling in my PJs so I gotta cut this short but you can see actual photos from Paris by following me on instagram (@julianasalazar) or there are also a few on tumblr. Oh! And before I forget, have you gotten your Kony stuff yet?

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