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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let's Play a Game

... In which I show you some really cool shoes and then you help me find them. Ok, fine, this isn't really a game but more of a desperate cry for help. Emphasis on the desperate. You see, I really really really want the Cole Haan oxfords pictured below, but my size is sold out everywhere. Naturally, this makes me want them even more, and thus heightens the urgency of the matter at hand -- shoez.
How cute are they? Imagine them with a flowy little white dress, or pretty much anything, sOoOo frikkin' cute. Blue or yellow, I have no prefence at this point so long as these babies are on ma feet. So, if you spot these anywhere in an 8, 8.5, or even 9, pretty pretty pleeeaaasse with a cherry on top let me know. And for those of you who have midget feet, you can still find them here. Later, skaters.

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