Chicistan: (noun). Land of chic; home of the attractive and fashionable.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Unexpected Fun

I'm drawing a complete blank when thinking of the Chicistani pictured above's name but she's a favorite amongst street style photographers which isn't really surprising since the girl has got some suuurrrious style. She's the master at taking completely different pieces of clothing and making them come together like peas in a pod, which will more than likely leave you asking yourself, "how the hell did she do that?" Seriously though, who knew a feathered dress underneath an oversized cardigan could look so good together? It's amazing how something as fancy as a feather dress can be so sartorially pleasing when paired with a chunky knit. I love love loooove these kind of contrasts in fashion, you know, kind of like the rugged romance concept. To top it all off, the PFW show-goer tied it all together with clear bangles, red sunglasses, and printed socks for an unexpectedly fun ensemble.

Picture via Vanessa Jackman.

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