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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summer Essential: Denim Dipeys

My iPhone tells me it's going to be a very hot 90 degrees tomorrow which only means one thing: it's denim diaper season once again. And yes, denim diapers are what you're thinking -- jorts that tend to make your arse look a bit saggy (but in the chicest of ways) and of course, an essential when temperatures are a'risin. For jean shorts, Siwy and J Brand have always been my go-tos, but I've recently decided that Aussie brand One Teaspoon takes the cake in all things denim and slouchy. 
denim diapers
See what I mean jelly beans? Ces sont perfection. You can get a better look at them here, herehere, or here. Oh and another thing about 90 degree weather, swimwear. Unconventional swimwear in particular, but that'll be a post for another day. HAPPY SUNDAY Y'ALLZ.

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