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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Annnnnnd, I'm back

Hi y'alllllllz. Sup? Did you miss Chicistan? Me? I'm gonna assume those are yeses and state the obvious, I've missed you suckas too. Now that school is out for summer, it's time to focus on -- well, actually, I don't really know what I should focus on today. Returning to Chicistan is always so weird like that. I feel like there's so many things to share but vhere oh vheeerree to begin? I guess I should probably elaborate on the petite seed I planted a few weeks ago, unconventional swimwear. This swimwear season I'm craving everything but your standard bikini. I don't know if it's my recent obsessions with Mad Men, Magic City, or what, but I'm really feeling the 60s and this feeling has translated into my swimwear preferences. All I want are high-waisted bikinis. I know what you're thinking, awkward tan lines, but honestly, who gives a -- I mean, when you're not in your bathing suit you're covered up in clothes, aren't cha? Tan lines aside, I've thought about their practicality, my friends calling me a hipster (you know who you are), but hey if by hipster you mean cHic aS $hiT, I'll take it. You should too. Below, find a few of my favoritos.
Sorry for the less than aesthetically pleasing visual of a collage, there were a lot of swim suits. Unfortunately I couldn't include all of them, but I think we're off to a great start with these. Starting on the left with the king of unconventional swimwear this season, Peter Som. Continuing is Tavik, Amore & Sorvete, We Are Handsome, ChloĆ©, and then directly below you have Mara Hoffman, Camilla and Marc to the left, Dolce and Gabbana, and Mara Hoffman once again. Enjoy!

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Do it, do it, do it. No pressure though.

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