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Friday, May 25, 2012

Hint O' Metal

Pictures via Carolines Mode

By the looks of it, many shoe and accessory designer's are currently experiencing a moment with metals. I'm almost certain you've all seen the Louis Vuitton metal cap-toe pumps which Stuart Weitzman made more affordable, and kind of paved the way for this metal moment in the blogosphere. Neither of the mentioned shoes really did it for me though. Instead, my metal moment was inspired by no other than Maison Martin Margiela. On my trip to Paris this past spring break, I walked into one very cool store, L'Eclaireur, where Martin's metal-accented accessories were in abundance. I almost bought this little guy until I snapped back into consciousness and realized the parentals would probably not understand nor be happy with my purchase. Anyway, accompanied by really cool belts and other equally cool things, these lustrous pieces of metal stuck with me. I was already a huge advocator of metal collars (see: herehere, and why not here) so I guess it made sense why I was so attracted to these particular pieces. I forgot where I was going with this (LOL) so I'm going to stop rambling and let you look at these really rad shoes below.
Ok, so, I numbered them to make this a little easier and hopefully not just a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo so:

1. Topshop's Halogen sandals which also come in an ivory color you can see here.
2. Sam Edeleman's Trina sandals, not to be confused for Chloé sandals. 
These also come in a few other colors here.
3. Chloé's metallic heeled sandals. Isn't the resemblance striking?
4. Pringle of Scotland mixed media pumps. Personally, I think these shit on Louis' and Stuart's renditions.
5. Giuseppe Zanotti snake-print gladiator sandals. They're $595 online, but if you go into your local INTERMIX you can order them on pre-sale for just $299. Run ladies, don't walk. 
Oh, and don't say I don't love you.
6. The shoes at the tippity top of my lust list, currently tied with these Alaïa's, YSL's Obsession heels. The metal cap-toe, the ankle strap, I mean, how could you not be obsessed? 
7. Another great pair of everyday sandals courtesy of Dolce Vita, also available in other colors here.
8. I'm also particularly keen on these Gucci heels. With only a metal cap-toe and an ankle strap to keep your foot in place, I imagine they are extremely flattering slash sexy on ze feet.

And with that, I bid you adieu and hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Lovely, where are the shoes in the second pic from please? (gold back, with red)

  2. Hi! Sorry to respond so late, I am just seeing this now. They are Sergio Rossi and you can actually get them on sale here: !