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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trend Spotting: The Overalls Edition

Pictures via Vannesa Jackman, Man Repeller, Tales of Endearment, and I forgot. Woopshies.

I'm one day too early to call this one a throwback thursday, but there's no denying this trend is a throwback indeed. Overalls are making quite the comeback and the girls above are really doing wonders for the cause. So pre-school chic, but even so, I always thought the trend was not for me. It just seemed like too much if ya know what I mean, jelly bean...s. But then (there's always a but, isn't there?), I came across these on the wonder that is the Net-a-Porter sale.

Thank you, Scott Sternberg, you is a genius. I've been staring at them for the past 24 hours, each and every beautifully tailored yet perfectly slouchy bit of them. They're only flaw: they're priced at three hundo and that's a commitment when dealing with such trendy articles of clothing. But then again... they are Boy. by Band of Outsiders, the bomb dot com, military green, and not to mention, the great potential they carry for even greater moments of sartorial victory. While I continue to deal with this internal conflict of mine, how I would wear said overalls if the cyber space were actually my closet:
This is what I wish I was wearing to work today, cool and effortless with a splash of girliness. T by Alexander Wang muscle tee under the overalls with hematite encrusted Valentino sandals that go perfectly with Dannijo's Cash earrings. For some reason, I really love turquoise earrings. Oh, and the clutch is Proenza Schouler. When people say getting a Proenza is like getting a tattoo in the sense that one ends up wanting to get another one and another one, they are so right it ain't even funny.

And because the opportunities are endless when the internet is your closet, outfit deux. It's kind of similar but I'd like to think it's a bit more nighttime slash dressier. 
 Now that I look at both outfits again, they're both pretty functional for either the day or night with a quick switcharoo of shoes. Starting on the left and going clockwise: Dannijo's Iris bib, T by Alexander Wang tank, Boy. by Band of Outsiders overalls cuffed at the ankles in order to fully enjoy the beauty that are these Ala├»a sandals, and a sequins clutch from Zara.

So Chicistanis, should I get them? Should I not? Thoughts? Objections? Comments? Let a sista know.

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