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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Unconventional Swimwear, The Inspiration

If the last post wasn't enough to make you love, want, obsess, and/or drool over retro-styled bikinis, here's an inspirational post that well surely get you on board. 
Feast your eyes on the amazingness below.
Photos via Elle Germany, Oracle Fox, various random Pinterests, Tales of Endearment.

So, are you obsessed or are you obsessed? It's ok if you're drooling, they're hard to resist and I'm sure many can relate. Did you also notice the girl crush I've developed on Natalie Joos? She's awesome, so so awesome, but back to the swimwear. They're all so retro-chic I cannot even handle how much I need to fill this void in my closet. Definitely 100% made in Chicistan. Rain, GO AWAY.

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  1. Amazing post! I love these pictures:)

  2. Where is the polka dot blue and white bathing suit from?? I love it!!!

    1. I have no idea where that one is from but this one is similar and also very cute!