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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Danglin' Dudes

One of my most recent conquests, dangling earrings. I'm pretty big on earrings, you'll never see me without a pair on, but these fellas pictured below venture into some new territory for me. I typically always wear stud-shaped earrings in fear of anything else getting pulled and ripping through my earhole. I guess you could say I was traumatized as a child, not that that happened to me, but I was a gymnast, and yeah, talk about girl problems. And loads of commas. Anyway, while running errands for my mother dearest a few weeks ago I stumbled upon these babies.

They're cute, they sparkle, they remind me of Princess Peach, and they were only $36 dollars from a litto boutique around my neck of the woods (for you Miamians, Isabel Riera in the Grove). Remember when Charlie Sheen was publicly a nut case and all anyone would say was winning? I don't think I've ever experienced a moment where I felt the word was appropriate to utilize until now. These earrings are pretty loud but just imagine how purtty they'd be with a simple tee and jeans kinda outfit. After writing this post last night, I decided a Canadian tuxedo would be even better, and so, I wore said outfit today to work.

Shirt: Madewell, Jeans: Rag and Bone, Shoes and clutch: Zara.

Hooray for miRrOr PiCz. Jk, but not really, or only a little? Forgive me if I don't make sense, it's been a long day. Anyhoodle, there's a better picture of the clutch on my instagram (@julianasalazar) if you so wish to check it out. I'm obsessed with it and I don't normally do clutches. There's something so annoying about having to actually hold your purse to me, but this puppy's definitely worth it. I really love The Little Mermaid meets The Rainbow Fish vibe it's got going on, c'est très chic. You can't really see the shoes but I've blogged them before here if you want a better look at them. Well, Chicistanis, I gotta go be poetic and shit. What a mistake it was to take a summer class and intern...

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