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Sunday, June 10, 2012

On The Hunt

Pictures via Street Fsn, The Haute Pursuit

Incase your deducting skills are slacking, the current object of my affection are indeed Isabel Marant's navajo jeans. When they first came out, I wasn't sold. I deemed them unworthy of their price and too trendy. I mean, how far could one go with navajo embroidered jeans? I tried to forget about them but after being featured on basically every blog, that was near impossible to do. Their popularity made me wonder if there was something about them farther than the eye can see, and so, I tried on my friend's pair. Suspicions, confirmed. They fit so well and that's pretty rare when dealing with white denim. Besides the fact that I never want to take them off, the tribal trend has stuck around long enough for these babies to out stand the test of time, or so me thinks. Tribal inspired wear has appeared and reappeared, without ever really disappearing, on runways for years now, and has become a part of my own personal style rather than just a trend. So to answer my own question Chicistanis, the answer is far. Navajo embroidered denim will take you very, very far. Unfortunately, they're sold out everywhere and impossible to find. If you guys spot them anywhere in a size zero, let a sista know. In the meantime, I'm currently engaged in a bidding war on Ebay and have decided that beggars can't be chosers and will take whichever color I can get. 
Ok gotta go Chicistanis, until next time!

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