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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Marant Spell

It goes without saying that Isabel Marant makes some of the dopest shit ever. She's one of those designers that makes you want every single piece of every single collection. Even items you typically wouldn't like, she makes you drool over them. Everything always just looks and is that cool. For example, the Bekket sneakers. I really can't believe the day has come that I want to be the owner of some sneaker wedges. I used to be so anti the sneaker wedge trend. I may or may not have even referred to them as ugly at one point but these tie-dye ones look so much better slash are so much cooler than all the other ones. It also helps that the whole world doesn't have these, but of course they are already freaking sold out everywhere.

Pictures via The Marant Philes

How dope-a-lope are they?

Update: After calling several Isabel stores like the obsessive freak that I am, I have not so good news. The tie-dye Bekkets were part of a limited edition collection so basically, once they're gone, they're gone. And since they're already sold out worldwide, well, there goes that...

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  1. Isabel Marant Shoes are truly amazing, Love them!