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Friday, August 10, 2012


Pictures via Stockholm Streetstyle, Jak and Jill

Consider this post an ode to French GQ's fashion director Laetitia Paul. She's french, she's cool, and obviously, she's cHiC aZ fUh. I tried to google her to learn more about this Chicistani and what have you but I got nothing. And when Google gives you nothing, well, that's some Rick Owens shit, but then again, even he has a Wiki page. A woman of mystery? More cool kid points for you, Laetitia. As for the pictures above, I'm really loving her really loving Isabel and Pheobe. Also, do note the last picture -- tribal inspired beads and jacket wrapped around the waist, I'm a big fan. I know this was a short post (hopefully still sweet though) but for some reason whenever I am in Miami I am incapable of any sort of productivity. Next week I promise to be better. So Chicistanis, enjoy this litto blurp and cheers to da freakin' weekend.

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