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Monday, August 6, 2012


Ripped Zara shirt, extra boyfriendy boyfriend jeans paired with Jil Sander two-tone loafers and everyone's favorite Céline blazer -- are you kidding me with this, Jayne? You are so effortlessly cool it ain't even funny. It's crazy what a good, structured blazer can do to an otherwise bland borderline homeless looking outfit. This is also a good example of the greatness that can be accomplished when mixing high quality goods with the not so high ones. Good style doesn't mean you have to be decked out in designer clothing from head to toe, folks. There's no fun in that anyway. I mean, anyone can make a runway ensemble look good, after all it is a runway look. Jayne's outfit is also today's "Look Du Jour" because her floral blazer inspired me to wear mine today, even if I am just going to be running around the city frantically before making my way to the aeroport. 

These past few weeks I've found myself wrapping my outer layers around my waist again and again. Mainly because it's hot as shit but I think part of me actually likes the way it looks... weird. Anyway, I'm off to figure out how the hell to fit 20 pairs of shoes into my already full suitcases slash cry. I'm really going to miss you, New York, it's been real. Or should I say, unreal? Whatevs, gotta go. Wish me luck! Bye!

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