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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Seasonally Challenged

The following was written yesterday (Friday), just for clarification purposes:

"I know my outfit is pretty ridiculous, but I can wear this tonight... Right?" I asked my roommates last night. Roommate 1 said she liked it while the other claimed "that as a fashion blogger I should know that that's skirt way too summery." I LOLed, "I was talking about the sweater, not the skirt." One could argue she was right though. After all, I was wearing a hawaiian slash palm tree printed skirt. Searching for some assurance, I asked one chic dude friend o'mine who suggested I wear leather shorts instead, but "I said fuck it, I'm gonna YOLO it, I really like this skirt. Plus, this is probably the only night I can ever wear this sweatshirt out." ... They agreed.

Are things starting to make sense now? I had been drinking a homemade concoction dubbed "booty juice" for a few hours when I found myself purchasing this sweater. The song was playing and it just felt so right, it was one of those moments. I was hesitant about publicly sporting it though, would it be more obnoxious than funny? Better yet, would the masses even get it? I decided that since last night marked the official commencement of Halloween activities here in DC, there'd be no judgement with a high chance of memory loss. That is, unless you're currently reading this... hey guys! Anyway, the skirt is from H&M, one of my top 10 favorite purchases ever je pense, and shoes by Rag and Bone. I never captured myself being seasonally challenged but thanks to Instagram, I do have this:

For those wondering where I even found this sweatshirt, click here. In regards to the sartorial challenge presented, I wonder: is it really so wrong to love an outfit so much you'd wear it regardless of what the weather, season, or occasion calls for? I think not and roommate number 1 agrees.

We were definitely riding the same brain wave, notice the wrap around of her denim jacket too. Besides if winter white can still be a thing, frilly florals can -- I don't really know where I was going with that one, but moral of the story: wear what you want. You'll be comfortable.

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