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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Surprise

Surprise! I'm back, I'm back, I'm baaaack. Although I should be writing a paper right now, I have decided that enough is enough. This unintentional month long hiatus cannot go on any longer... for you, for Chicistan, but mostly for me. The truth is, there's a void in my heart when MIC isn't up and running. You think I'm joking, but it's true, shit just ain't tha same. Also, I can only imagine how annoying is it to see that panda suit time and time again when checking for new postings, sooooo back to regular programming we go. 
Today's focus: sweater weather.

I'm so happy that temperatures are finally a'droppin except for the tiny fact that I'm not really ready, sartorially speaking. Every time I've gone to get dressed this week I've stared aimlessly at a rack full o'nothing trying to remember what the hell I would wear last winter while simultaneously wondering where the fuck all my sweaters have disappeared to (little sister who moved to Ithaca, you are my primary suspect). Anyway, to remedy this very serious problem, I turned to the interwebs and then Fabulous was all like "just throw it in the bag" and then I was like aiiight and then, I ended up with the below. A collage of some of my most recent purchases alongside some others on my list. All in all, a guhreat starting point.
Starting on the left side: no I did not buy an Altuzarra sweater but Zara did make an awfully similar one, pom poms et al -- and by awfully I mean not awful at all. Then some color blocked sweataz à la Topshop and Mason, I live in this one, and Markus Lupfer's Ka Pow sweater. Onto the next row: a not so ordinary T by Alexander Wang crew neck sweater thanks to some zippers, you know, just incase your armpits need some air, followed by a camouflage sweater from Topshop, a good basic black one from Helmut Lang, and lastly, a striped Theyskens' Theory sweater to brighten up otherwise rather dark winter wardrobes. If you were having the same problem I was I hope the above helped, if not, well I don't know, but it's time for me to write that paper now fo reals. À demain!

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