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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Look For Less: Tabitha Simmons Edition

Today's "Look for Less" pays tribute to a pair of suede ankle-high boots clad in buckles. Perhaps you already know what I'm talking about, but perhaps not, so look below.
Before telling you which pair is which, which do you like most? I'm showing you the boots first because usually when I do these "Looks for Less" the substituting item is inferior to the other one - style and price wise - but that's only half true in today's case. You see, the original pair from English designer Tabitha Simmons never grabbed my attention, while the other pair, grabbed it and never let it go. They're very much alike but the western-inspired buckles on the left pair made all the difference for me and guess what? They're only $129 at Zara. Instead of wanting the thousand dollar pair and settling for the hundred dollar one, I'm simply getting the ones I want. Isn't it awesome when that happens? Enjoy.

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  1. Awesome boots! I love them:)