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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Truth Revealed in a Fortune Cookie

Oh, the irony. After a laugh, an instagram, and a text to my mama, I simply thought -- well ain't that the truth. Good clothes do open many doors. You can argue it all you want but the truth is you never know who you may run into and/or when. I don't know about you, but when it comes to matters/people concerning my life, I'd rather be well-dressed than looking like a bum, wouldn't you? Truth number 2, first impressions aren't always everything, but they are lasting. There also may be that one time when they are everything... so, as a firm believer in the aforementioned thoughts truths, when my friends make fun of me that I can never just run out quickly to wherever in whatever, I tell them to chill and give me a few minutes. Annoying? Maybe sometimes, but my experiences have only reassured me that I'm right. Every time I've decided to run out quickly in sweats and greasy hair hoping to not see anyone, I see everyone. And if we don't learn from our experiences, well, is there even any hope to hope for? 
I know, I know, really deep stuff for 9 AM.

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