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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What I'm Into

Hi there! No I didn't forget about you, but yes, as always, I am blaming school for my lack of activity on this thing. The semester is rapidly coming to an end and you know what that means... work on work on stress on work on stress on stress on please don't fail your financial accounting final Juliana. Wow, just writing that was very stressful. Ew. Anyway, today marks the fourth day of a new month and so, in a conscious effort to keep Chicistan alive, a quick street-style round up of pictures that are a pretty accurate portrayal of what's been influencing my sartorial choices lately.

Surprise, surprise, chunky knits paired with shorts and skirts still continue to be a favorite of mine, and even more so when their hems are adorned with a bit o' ruffles and frill. Rememba dis? When it comes to the shoes, these Chicistanis are right on the mon-ay. In this case, ankle boots are my preferred choice of footwear, and are exactly what your bare limbs desire for that certain added roughness... know what I'm sayin'? I started writing this post last week when the weather in DC didn't permit for much bare leg action to go down, but today, today is another day characterized by 70 degree weather. So if you're also being affected by this lovely warm front, do take advantage. If it's warm, but not that warm, take some inspiration from Emily Weiss below. I personally love this look because it includes one of my favorite items this season which automatically makes her outfit even better in my book.

Menswear inspired coats. The more oversized they are, the merrier. I recently got this one from Cynthia Rowley that I am absolutely in lOoOovvEe with, and that's a lot of love. I just realized it went on sale (is there anything more frustrating?) so get your hands on it here while you can. Anyway, I don't know if you guys remember, you can click here if you don't, but Cynthia Rowley really killed it last season in the outerwear department and I am really happy with my purchase.

Next, an all-time favorite whose amazingness will probably never cease to exist, or amaze me, the Canadian tuxedo. It's so versatile and easy, kind of like a blank canvas if you ask me. You know, like a look that has the potential for a lot of personality when/if adorned? My favorite part about the Canadian tux is that with the right shoes, accessories, and layers your simple outfit can be completely transformed into one that is sartorially appropriate for a variety of occasions. An outfit that you can wear over and over again without looking like you're wearing the same damn thing -- how could you not be a fan? Someone very wise and chic once said *cough* me *cough*: when in doubt, Canadian tuxedo it out. As the creator, and a person that lives by said motto, I must say it is pretty great advice when you find yourself aimlessly staring into a clothes rack full o'nothing.

Last but certainly not least, like a Canadian tuxedo, but not like one at all, denim overalls. I put my overall cravings on hold after I missed out on these Band of Outsiders beauties (I'm still really upset at myself for not getting them), but Leandra Medine's post from a few days ago has resumed my search for a pair. She looks so chic and effortless and there is no better combo than the two. Well, that's about that for today. 
Until next time, Chicistanis.

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