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Friday, January 25, 2013

Because It's Really Cold Out

It's fucking freezing in DC, like 20 degrees freezing and lots of snow everywhere, which calls for some serious layering. Sure throwing on a down jacket would make the whole process a lot easier but I'm not their biggest fan. I'd rather seek warmth in leather, fur, and most importantly, layering. Layer your leathers, layer your furs, layer your leather and furs, basically whatever you do, just layer. Don't forget about your dear friends cashmere and wool either. Oh, and Hot Chillys should be your best friend, too. I don't know if it's just the Miami girl in me that swears by them, but they are truly magical. Anyway, my only problem with the layering process is that it can seem a bit repetitive after a while (but I guess so can your puffer jacket) and I sometimes feel like I am putting together the same ol' thing. When this happens though, Tommy Ton is never too far away to save the day with his street-style pictures. Find some inspiration below straight from the snowy streets of Paris.

You see? Lots of layers, lots of leather, and lots of fun. I mean fur, but I'm not gonna correct that typo because it can indeed be very fun. Moving on though, when huge fur hoods aren't enough to keep your ears from feeling like they are about to freeze off... hats.

All pictures by Tommy Ton via and Jak & Jill

Before I start my little shpeel on hats, how cool does the above Chicistani look? It might be one of my favorite photos of the batch. Menswear coat worn as a dress with a butt load of colors that mesh seemingly well with one another and some retro ass Nikes definitely takes the win this time around. Now, let's talk about head gear. I always underestimated the power of beanies or any sort of headwear until last week when I bought a fur hat in New York. It's awesome, it's super warm, but unfortunately too deuchey in my book for DC. So, since I am currently in the market for a beanie or two, here's a few should you need some, too:
Going clockwise: Canada Goose, Portolano, Polo Ralph LaurenEugenia Kim, Marc by Marc Jacobs, J. CrewGolden Hook.

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