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Friday, May 3, 2013

All Things Gatsby

Since I KNOW I'm not the only person really excited for The Great Gatsby and May 10th couldn't come any sooner (and I'm also heavily procrastinating studying for my Finance final), here are some mementos of the fabulosity to come. From the clothes, to the music, to the people involved, and obviously the novel, there's just too much goodness going on that it would probably be a sin to not share with all of y'allz.  

First things first, the trailer. I could watch it a million times, and if you haven't seen it yet -- please pardon my french, but where the fuck have you been hiding and what are you doing with your life?Watch it immediately.

Ahhhmaaayssing, no? That's the "official" trailer but there are a bunch of more badass clips here if you're still itching for more. I should tell you though that if you venture onto the site, you might get mesmerized for an hour or two. However, I will also tell you that you will most certainly not regret it. You might have also noticed how great the soundtrack sounds so far, but DUH, Jay Z is the executive producer. How could it not be? The soundtrack is currently only available for pre-order but you can listen to the soundtrackizzle in its entirety hea. I'm currently listening to it now, and although I haven't heard every track yet all I have to say is... You're welcome. So far, so fucking great. 

I'm telling you people, Baz Lurhmann is really killing it with this movie on so many levels. Next level, the fAsHuN. If you follow me on Twitter you already know that Miuccia Prada is designing the costumes for the entire movie, but if you don't, you should now ya know. Regardless though, I still love you guys so here are some of the sketches brought to you by the lovely people at Vogue and Women's Wear Daily.

And lastly, pictures from the premiere party festivities that took place at The Plaza this past week below.

Pictures via the Business Insider, Womens Wear Daily, and Marie Claire

Yo May 10th, CAN YOU PLEASE HURRY UP? This is me begging you.

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