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Thursday, June 13, 2013


... Because my incessant fear of missing out prompted the purchase of these bad boys.

Remember that time I was debating getting these Band of Outsider overalls? And how they went on sale and sold out before I could even click to checkout? It was at that very moment that I started to feel the pains of regret. All I could think about was when Kelly Oxford tweeted "I've never been more certain I should have gotten something than when I see it sell out" and how freaking right she was/is. I was desperate for them, and although it was months later, Topshop came to my rescue. They're no Band of Outsiders, but they do share a striking resemblance. Better late (and similar enough) than never, no?

I wore them this past weekend and surprisingly got a shit ton of compliments. I say surprisingly because  a) they were mostly from the male species, b) I thought people in DC would be more receptive to the idea of overalls than they are in Miami, and c) I was wrong about the aforementioned statement and that's even more surprising. Heheh JK (but only kind of). Anywayz, outfit details below:

For those of you who often find yourselves just as perplexed by Topshop's sizing as I do, I should warn you to size up if you decide to get these overalls (I went with a 4). I have no idea where the black crop top is from, I stole it from my sister's room (hey Camis! please don't kill me), but you can find an even cooler one here, here, and here. My necklace is Camilla James by way of Intermix, and my shoes are arguably the most amazing Alaïa's ever crafted. Ever.

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