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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

From Milan

Although it was men's fashion week in Milan a few days ago, I have to say the ladies really stole their spotlight, at least on the streets. I don't know if it's because I haven't done a street-style post in a while or what, but they really brought their A game to Milan and so, consequently, I bring you some inspiration to liven up yo summer steeze.

The first time I wore my Equipment PJ blouse everyone was very confused slash making really funny jokes along the lines of "you forgot to change your shirt when you got out of bed," so here's evidence that it is not only a-OK to wear your jammies out in public, but it's actually pretty chic. 

Another example of why white tees are so great and necessary. Just pair yours with a printed bottom and that's it. You're good to go.

Nothing says summer quite like color does and I think the above photos are proof of that. So much color, so much fun! And because Dolce & Gabbana's raffia bag deserves all the attention it can get, here is one version of it in all it's splendor (unfortunately the one pictured is all sold out). 
It's an amazing summer bag, I'm obsessed.

I'm really glad to see I am not the only one still getting their midi on considering that's pretty much what all my outfits revolved around this past weekend. I think at this point it has moved out of the "trend zone" and into the personal style zone. That aside though, can you believe the Chicistani's outfit in the first picture is completely from Zara?

I'm also still very much into the athletic trend. So much so that I actually tried to make my own jersey dress, inspired by Alexandra Spencer, but it didn't really work out. Well, at least not yet so we shall see.

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