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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sneaker Fever

I'm currently undergoing a very serious moment with sneakers so here I bring you the result of my so-called sneaker fever. You'd think that my feet would want something that allows for proper ventilation with this steady (and sweaty) 90 degree Miami weather, but nope. They do not.
Check out some of my favorites of the moment below:

Beginning on the top left, probably the best made sneaker wedges I've seen made thus far. Why? Well, they don't really look like a sneaker wedge at all, and that's the whole idea of them anyway, no? These are also reminiscent of a sneaker Monsieur Alexander Wang did but retails for less than 60 bucks. Cha-ching.

I am absolutely obsessed with these Nike mesh sneakers. So obsessed that when they first came out I ran, literally ran, to Niketown only to find out that they're a men's sneaker, and even the smallest size is still a little too big. So if you're a mens 7 (which in this shoe's case I'd say is more equivalent to a 9.5 in women's), or simply pertain to the male species, you should really get these. For me Chicistan. They're amazing for the summertime and the navy mesh/cognac leather combo is kill-ah. Nike did make a women's high-top version that you can find here but they just ain't the same.

Next, some suede Lanvin sneakers with a lizard-stamped cap toe. Is there anything not to love? They remind me of when I wore my python pants with my Marni sandals, which reminds me -- have you checked out my tumblr?

I first fell in love with these Bottega Venata sneakers on the following row because of how the laces were done. Isn't it genius? I'd say it's branding excellently done. Not going to lie, I kind of forgot about them, but they're on sale now and definitely worth having.

Up next: Prada espadrille high-top sneakers, perfect for the summer in a light suede with espadrille trim, and they're on sale too!

Rag and Bone also made a pair of espadrille sneakers that are pretty freaking cute. They also come in a tangy red here, and guess what? They're also on sale. Don't you just love sale season?

On the next row you'll find two pairs of Superga's that I've been going back and forth on for a while now. I still can't decide whether I like the woven ones (left) more or the raffia ones (right). It's quite the problem. What do you say? Click here for the woven ones and here for the raffia ones.

And just incase you didn't like either of the camo sneakers featured in yesterday's post, here's another pair of camo sneakers from OXS. I love the white leather trimming, they really make the rest of the shoe pop.

Last but certainly not least, probably my favorite designer sneakers to date, Saint Laurent's white low-tops.

They don't really look like much via a computer screen, but trust me, they are amazeballs. When I first saw them at market week I wasn't really phased by them, but then a friend of mine got them, and they look so dope worn. So, so dope. I love that they're so nondescript until you manage to get a peak at the label. Check them out here

Alright Chicistanis, I'm off to my first day of work/new internship. Wish me luck!

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