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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bad Gal RiRi

After a week hiatus I can't believe I am about to dedicate a post to bad gal RiRi, but it's happening guys. Although I hate on her, there's no denying there's something about her that has me, along with a few other millions, intrigued. Whether she's chilling at Coco Chanel's house or rendez-vousing with Azzedine Ala├»a himself, I'm almost always liking her insta worthy outfits. I hate to admit it, but I think she's slowly winning me over via her sartorial choices, one outfit at a time. 

And this one below being one of my favorites:

I'd like to think Rihanna put this together all on her own but something tells me she had some help. Which is fine too, I guess. I love everything about it, even the baseball cap. It's really simple but the jacket gives it a fun slash edgy touch. If we weren't in the middle of summer, and the internet was my closet, this is how I would rihcreate RiRi's outfit (see what I did there?):
Anyone else get Prada vibes from this jacket? It really reminds me of their spring 2011 collection, but it is actually from Acne (and on sale here and here... woo hoo!). 

Instead of looking for a black leather pencil skirt, I decided to go with a plain black one with a slit. If a slit is an option, there are no other options. I will most likely always go with a slit and this one from Topshop looks great. Not to mention it's not even 50$.

Radarte shirt from Rodarte, duhz, and some really sick shoes by Tibi. I was first going to go with the Alexander Wang ones that are similar, but they seemed a little too expected and das boring. I really love the straps on these, they look so good on ze foot.

For the sunglasses, some cat eye ones courtesy of Nasty Gal, or get the real deal from Tom Ford here. If you're not into the whole cat-eye thing the ones below from ASOS are also really cute.

Last but certainly not least, this awesome little geometric bag to hold the necessities from Bao Bao Issey Miyake. Recently I've really been into carrying around as little as possible, so this lil cube guy is perfect for that.

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