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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Holy Moly Manolo

You got it dudes, this is indeed a post about the Manolo Blahniks from my NY Photo Diary post. I told you they'd be back soon. They're too gorgeous to not have a post of their own, dontcha think?

Since they're muy expensivo I've decided to create four different outfits around them. I'm all about cost per wear when it comes to spending hundreds of dollars on something, so these outfits should serve as inspiration for year round wearage. Yes, I'm aware that is not proper english, but moving on.

If you're new to MIC and didn't know, I'm a huge fan of pairing really feminine pieces with not so girly ones, hence the above two outfits. On the left is an off the shoulder dress by Jen's Pirate Booty which juxtaposes these androgynous Manolo's quite nicely. This dress is definitely a good one to have in your closet, easily a summer staple, and goes perfectly with this clutch from Antik Batik.

I'm clearly still a fan of getting my midi on, and lately I've found myself particularly keen on doing so with matching top and bottom pieces. This set from Topshop makes doing the aforementioned rather easy, and is really freaking cute if you ask me. Lately I've also been finding myself trying to carry as little as possible when out and about, and Celine's nano luggage is ideal for that. I've been debating getting this bag for a really long time. At first I was obsessed with it, but then so was everyone else and their mothers', so I changed my mind, but I think I've changed my mind once again. It's size and structured shape are just too perfect.

And when the temperatures start to drop...

... Wear your sick ass Manolo Blahnik oxfords with an oversized sweater dress! This one is from Organic by John Patrick. It's too hard to pick a favorite from this bunch, but I really love this sort of look. Paired with a Kenzo lion printed scarf and Marni fringe tote, it's relaxed yet cool. This outfit is kind of the sartorial definition of being "cool, calm, and collected," no? Not to mention it also looks very comfortable slash easy slash chic. I might even consider doing stockings underneath if the weather calls for such drastic measures. However, if it doesn't and you still want to recreate this look, try this dress from Free People. It's lighter and has a slight low back, so pretty much the perfect alternative for those of you that experience Miami-like winters.

For when it gets even colder, pair your oxfords with an oversized sweater and leather pants. If I had all the monies in the world, I'd do so with this sweater from Stella McCartney and these leather trousers from Saint Laurent. They're so yummy it ain't even funny. Complete your ensemble with a leopard scarf, this one is Alexander McQueen, and a structured shoulder bag à la Proenza Schouler.

Now, which one of you beautiful people want to gift me all/any of the above? I'll be your best friend.

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