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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

National Tequila Day

In light of today's very important holiday, I give you some amazing tequila-filled recipes for this hot hot heat. Today's holiday is so important that one of my fellow aries friends even dared to say that it "is even bigger than our birthdays" (disclaimer: we love tequila and on our birthdays we finished a bottle of Don Julio 1942 in record time, just us two) so obviously we take today very seriously. Since you should too, here are some delicious recipes to help you celebrate the right way.

First things first, the classic margarita:
You'll need tequila, duh, lime, triple sec, and syrup (or just sugar). Get the full "how to make the 'perfect' one" as instructed by Refinery 29 here. 

Pomegranate margaritas with habanero tequila:
As crafted by Oprah here.

Strawberry jalapeƱo margaritas: 
Recipe here.

The "Bootie Call:"
As dubbed by Cosmopolitan and featuring delicious watermelon here.

My personal favorite drink of choice, pineapple and tequila:
Except I would opt for Don Julio over Patron all day everyday, but to each his own. Get the recipe here.

Mango, tequila, and serrano pepper popsicles:
I'm usually a little iffy about peppers mixed with alcohol but holy shit do these look good. Learn how to make them here.

Watermelon mint tequila popsicles:
These also look capital D I V I N E. Recipe hizzle.

And with that I bid you all adieu. Let me know if you guys make any of these/how they come out. 
Happy national tequila day!

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